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Take care when buying puppies



Acquiring a dog should be carefully considered and planned out!

You should consider the following guidelines:

1. The handover of the dog should only occur at the home of the person offering the dog for sale

It is extremely important to know the origin of the puppies and be able to visit their birthplace. If the owner would prefer to meet somewhere else or deliver the puppy to you, they may have something to hide. In such a case, you should decide against buying the dog.

2. Examine the parents, particularly the mother

Contact with the mother and the siblings is very important for puppies in the first few weeks of their lives. They learn social behaviour together and enjoy the necessary care and attention. If they are deprived of this phase the consequences can cause lifelong suffering. You should therefore demand to see the mother. If the owner refuses, there could be several reasons: bitches are often used as breeding machines and may be tied up somewhere in a shed or garage. The breeder will therefore make excuses, to avoid anyone witnessing this. It could also be the case that the puppies come from another country, where they were removed from their mother too early.

3. The seller is offering a large number of animals, or even various breeds

A breeder cannot possibly breed more than three litters a year due to the time-consuming job of caring for the puppies and the mother appropriately. If there is a wide selection of puppies of different ages, extra care should be taken. If a seller is offering various breeds of dogs, you should assume that he is a dog trader, not a breeder.

4. The puppies should be eight weeks or older when you acquire them

Even if they are unbelievably cute when they are younger, puppies must have reached at least eight weeks before you accept them. Ten weeks is preferable. Before this, the developmental phase is not complete, and they should not be separated from their mother and siblings.

5. The supplier shows no particular interest in the future wellbeing of the puppy

A responsible supplier will want to know that the puppy will have a good life in its new home. He or she will suggest the new owner visit the intended dog a few times while it is still with the mother and its siblings, so that the puppy can become accustomed to the smell of the person. The supplier will inform the new owner about the requirements of the puppy and will make sure that the new owner can meet these requirements. They will stay in contact with the new owner and will want to be informed about developments. A supplier who hands a puppy to the first person who knocks on his door has no particular interest in the animals.

Demand is responsible for supply

The customer or new owner is responsible for the supply of animals and the demand for more dogs. Sympathy with the animal or a special deal should not be the deciding factor when buying a dog. Spontaneous dog purchases support the criminal activities of the dog traders and only serve to make their business more profitable.