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The dog mafia – the dirty business with the animal „commodity“


Its a dog’s life


Born into mass breeding facilities and robbed of the opportunity to enjoy a life free of suffering – this is the fate that awaits the puppies destined to be sold somewhere in Europe by “dog producers”. They are kept in dark, dirty accommodations and are malnourished and dehydrated. The social animals are also frequently removed from the mother at a far too young age. The puppies are therefore deprived of the social contact and care from humans or their mother. The mother, frequently reduced to a breeding machine, is often too weak to care for her children.

Jammed in a transport box


A few weeks after their birth the puppies are packed into crates, cat boxes or bags. Crammed into tight spaces, without food, water or sufficient fresh air, the puppies suffer greatly from fear and anxiety.


Frequently, they are then transported long distances to the dog markets located close to the borders, to irresponsible traders or to other sales locations. The weakened animals are then presented to potential buyers. The customers are immediately entranced by the cute animal and frequently rush the decision to buy the puppy. However, they are unaware that the dogs are usually not sufficiently vaccinated, and haven’t been de-wormed or chipped. The papers are frequently forged and the origin of the dogs is not presented truthfully.

Sick, deranged dogs


Problems can appear very soon after the purchase. Many of the animals become ill, show serious behavioural problems and can even become aggressive. This is not surprising, as the puppies suffered through the first few weeks of their lives, a period which is central to the development of dogs.

A visit to the veterinarian represents the last hope for the owners. Once the vet determines that the animal is ill, it is often too late. Despite high costs and levels of care, many animals die or have to be put down.