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Hidden cage eggs in processed food



Cookies, pasta, mayonnaise – many food products contain eggs. Very often, these are from hens that are suffering in small cages. FOUR PAWS starts a new campaign and urges food manufacturers to refrain from using cage eggs in their products.

Eggs from cages are available to everybody in the form of sweets, baked goods, pasta, mayonnaise, egg liqueur or sauces.

No information on the label

Producers of processed food do not have to disclose the origin of the eggs. Thus the consumers do not have an overview of which type of husbandry they are supporting when buying certain food products.. FOUR PAWS is therefore launching a new campaign aimed at increasing awareness of hidden cage eggs and is urging food manufacturers to change their procurement policies.

Millions of hens are suffering in cages

Since January 2012 only so called “enriched cages“ have been permitted that provide laying hens 750 cm² of space instead of the 550 cm² that was previously allowed. Enriched or not: Any natural behavior is made almost impossible in such a restrictive narrow environment. Millions of laying hens continue to suffer in cages.

Furthermore, there are still twelve EU-countries that are not complying with the ban on conventional cages. Thus it is not surprising that illegal cage eggs in the form of liquid eggs or egg powder end up in processed foods.

FOUR PAWS is urging food manufacturers to refrain from using cage eggs in their products.