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Foie Gras


In different countries like Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands FOUR PAWS has launched an international campaign to end the force-feeding of animals. We aim to inform the public about the cruel reality behind this so-called ‘delicacy’.

© FOUR PAWS | Marcus Mueller

We want to bring an end to the force-feeding of ducks and geese for the production of Foie Gras in the whole of the European Union. We are calling for a boycott of Foie Gras itself whilst also negotiating with food store chains to end their purchase and supply of the meat from this industry.


The campaign will focus on the industrial consumers of ‘fatty liver’ which will bring pressure to bear on the producing countries.

Investigative footage taken by FOUR PAWS shows grave contempt for animal welfare, as well as contempt for environmental and health regulations.

© FOUR PAWS | Marcus Mueller

FOUR PAWS and its international partners are calling for a ban on the treatment of animals in such a way as to cause them such terrible suffering, not to mention denying them the chance to act out any natural instincts they possess. Together we want to stamp out the force feeding of birds altogether.  
14 European countries already say NO to force feeding!   Four Paws is not in a minority in demanding an end to force feeding. Because of the obvious cruelty to animals this practice entails, it is already forbidden in 14 European countries. Despite this, the products from this cruel trade are exported and consumed across Europe. Hungary is the worlds biggest exporter, and after France, it is the second biggest producer of ‘fatty liver’. Approx. three million animals live in Hungarian Foie Gras farms.