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Mass market product rabbit

Endless rows of tiny cages, stress and pain– this is the grisly reality of cage keeping of rabbits. No other animal is used in so many sectors of the economy. Around the world, millions of rabbits are kept for their meat, fur, angora wool and animal testing.

Cage keeping

© FOUR PAWS | Marcus Mueller

Most rabbit products still come from intensive cage keeping. The animals cower in their narrow wire mesh cages, without straw to protect their soft paws. Many of them are injured or sick. Under the rows of the cages heaps of faeces produce gases which burn the eyes of the rabbits. Unable to behave naturally, the rabbits often become aggressive, attacking and maiming each other.

Most countries turn a blind eye to this shocking cruelty, although there are some exceptions which have banned cage rearing of rabbits, e.g. Austria.

Rabbit meat: expanding Chinese production

© FOUR PAWS | Marcus Mueller

More and more Chinese rabbit meat producers are entering the global market, and their products are increasingly finding their way into European supermarkets. Rabbits on farms in China are kept in cages, leading to the sorts of problems for the animals with which we are already familiar in Europe.

Use your power as a consumer:

  • Don’t buy rabbit meat from cage keeping. Only buy “Barn keeping”.
  • Speak to friends and relatives about that hidden animal suffering.
  • Do not buy products with real fur trim.