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Rabbits in cages


Scandalous conditions in European rabbit farms

FOUR PAWS shows unbelievable footage uncovering the reality of today’s rabbit farms in six European countries. The pictures speak for themselves: wounds, bitten off ears and ulcerated eyes.


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The animals are living their entire life directly above huge masses of their own excrements creating a painful atmosphere of acidic ammonia gases. The footage shows rabbits with swollen bleeding eyes, covered with pus - some rabbits are already blind. Due to the tight cages the rabbits develop abnormal behaviour like cannibalism or biting the cage.


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Be careful when buying rabbit meat!

The meat from rabbits that were kept in cages end up in supermarkets and in gastronomy all over the world.


Each year more than 1 million tons of rabbit meat are eaten all over the world. This means that 900 millions rabbits are slaughtered, year by year. Half of them are bred and eaten in Europe.

Help the rabbits not to be kept in cages anymore. Don’t buy rabbit meat from cage keeping.

 What you can do

Call for a ban of cages!

FOUR PAWS proves, that the cage keeping of rabbits means pain for the animals and demands a total ban on cages. This is an appeal to the public, the industry and politicians to act now and end the cages in Europe and worldwide.


Photos © VIER PFOTEN / farmwatch