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Circus without wild Animals


Animal suffering on tour


Stop it!
No wild animals in the circus - protest online now!

Hurray – a circus has come to town! Acrobats, clowns and magicians enthuse young and old, and the animal acts fascinate the public: For many people, lions, elephants or bears are simply a part of the circus. However the keeping of wild animals in circuses is animal cruelty.

Thousands of wild animals are still suffering in European Circuses. A travelling circus cannot take the needs of the animals into consideration. The business constantly moves from location to location, cages have to be transported and therefore need to take up as little space as possible and be able to be assembled and disassembled as fast as possible. And so the animals spend most of their time in transport wagons that are far too small. There’s no room for climbing, digging, running, bathing or swimming.

Constriction, stress and boredom


Giraffes, lions and apes vegetate in small caged wagons or on tiny runs, a solitary animal like a tiger is simply penned up with his fellows, highly social animals like elephants are kept alone and stand around chained up for hours on end.

The results are strong behavioural disturbances: stereotypical behaviour, aggression or apathy.

Questionable training

In the wild no tiger would jump through a burning hoop, no elephant voluntarily does a handstand. These sorts of "stunts" are always the result of questionable methods of training and are in no way a respite – as many would like you to believe – from the sedentary daily life of the animals.

End without mercy


At the end of their long path of suffering, animals that are too old for the circus ring can seldom hope for a peaceful end or “charity”. Almost no circus can afford that. And so the animals are either put down or sold and thereby delivered to an unknown fate.

But even the animals that remain in the circus don’t have a better life: They remain in their cages or tiny enclosures and are presented here at the animals shows.

The "animal requirements" of a circus are, as a rule, covered by the “overproduction” of zoos and animal parks.

Stop it!
No wild animals in the circus - protest online now!