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Burberry be FUR FREE


Call on Burberry to stop killing countless animals for fashion and to banish real fur from their collections.


The British luxury clothing label Burberry has a long tradition. They are famous for their Burberry check and their trench coats, they are an appointed supplier to the royal family – and they use fur! Foxes, raccoon dogs and mink end up in their collections as collars, or as the trim on shawls and hoods.


Burberry justifies their use of fur by claiming that their Finnish supplier, Saga Furs, is particularly strongly committed to high standards of animal welfare in breeding animals for fur. However, new photographic evidence shows that fur animals on Finnish farms which produce for Saga Furs have to live just like anywhere else in the global fur industry. Shut in tiny wire cages, below which mounds of faeces build up, the animals are unable to live according to their nature. Many are morbidly obese and suffer from infected eyes. On their last day they are killed by electrocution in full view of their fellow animals.

What you can do:

Send a protest mail to Burberry

You can find the Online Protest here:

Send a Tweet to Burberry

Tweet 1: @Burberry Stop killing animals for fashion! #befurfree

Tweet 2: @Burberry! Please say no to real fur! #befurfree

Tweet 3: @Burberry There is no ethical choice for real fur! #befurfree

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