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Fashion without fur


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If you want to know where to find fashion without fur, check with the Fur Free Retailer Program.

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Even though the public has a very critical opinion of fashion with real fur, fur is being offered again in a lot of shops. Instead of the classic fur coats, these days it primarily appears as the trim on collars, hoods, cuffs, shoes and hats or is used on accessories like scarves or key chains. It is very difficult for consumers to distinguish real from fake fur as the real fur is often sheared, dyed or offered as a mix of materials and frequently not declared on the clothing labels.

The Fur Free Retailer Program

FOUR PAWS can help you find fashion that is guaranteed to be fur-free. We support the Fur Free Retailer Program. This international initiative identifies retailers that have committed themselves in writing to withdrawing from the sale of fur. A lot of well-known companies have already joined, and there will be many more to come.

Consumers can find out through the program which companies are foregoing fur. The Fur Free Alliance (FFA) – an international coalition of leading animal protection and environmental organisations, which VIER PFOTEN is also a member of – also supports the worldwide Fur Free Retailer Program.

More information about the Fur Free Retailer Program can be found here: (English)

Looking for fashion without fur? The companies on the following list have contractually committed themselves to refraining from selling any real fur products and are participating in the Fur Free Retailer Program.