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Kimi, the fox: “When I grow up, I’m going to be a fur collar”


Update, 2014-12-04

FOUR PAWS protesting in Finland to #savekimi

FOUR PAWS activists from Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, UK and Finland were taking part in a friendly protest today in front of the Finnish fur farm which is home to Kimi. After being informed about Kimi’s exact whereabouts, the international animal welfare organisation worked full speed to organise this protest. Although FOUR PAWS was prepared to take Kimi and his sibling immediately and bring the animals to a Finish sanctuary, the heartless fur farmer refused any discussions with the animal welfare activists.

© FOUR PAWS | Fred Dott

Only Burberry can now #savekimi

Since the fur farmer refused any discussions with us, we now demand Burberry to save Kimi. Our protest action in Finland is mainly addressed to Burberry, which now has the power to change Kimi's fate and rescue him. The British fashion lable does have all necessary contacts in Finland to free Kimi.

© FOUR PAWS | Fred Dott

We have received news that Kimi and his friends are still currently alive. Kimi and his sister Annie are – thanks to the mild temperatures – still alive. This gives us the hope to continue our fight against Burberry.


Kimi represents the millions of fur animals losing their lives for the fashion industry. Therefore, we’ll continue to increase pressure on fashion companies, such as Burberry, to convince them to become fur free and save the lives of millions of animals. A good example of fur free fashion is the Danish fashion group “Bestseller” with its brands Vero Moda, Only and Jack & Jones, which have become part of the Fur Free Alliance.


Update, 2014-10-30

Fur farms in Finland start the annual killing of animals

Kimi is real. Kimi is one of millions of fur-bearing animals in the same situation. Getting Kimi to tell you about his life, writing a diary, is a way of making the public face the cruel reality of the fur industry. But engaging in this initiative is as hard for us as it is for you. Our team worked day and night to fulfil the vision you share with us: a vision that the people responsible for companies such as Burberry might wake up, might put aside their ignorant and profit-driven blindness and allow themselves to think, to reflect and initiate change. Change within the fashion industry, which simply does not need to cause this cruel treatment of millions of animals. And we continue to believe in this vision.

Publishing what you are reading now does not ultimately mean Kimi will be killed today or is already dead. But the end of his countdown marks the start of the killing season for foxes in Finland, which is conducted year in, year out. A brutal act bringing a long period of torture to an end. And while we have not given up our hope, we need you to take our shared vision to the world.

Our vision is that Kimi’s last wish is told to as many people as possible, that Kimi’s story is heard.

Let's #savekimi

Read Kimi's fare well letter...

Dear Human Being,

Facing death is a horrible, unbearable thing. But it is even more difficult when you weren’t even allowed to enjoy what life you had. Never in my whole life have I been able to feel grass under my paws, jump over tree trunks, dig and hide in a den, smell and breathe the forest, run or chase. For the entire eight months of my life, I have been shut up in a tiny wire mesh cage, hardly able to run, exposed to the smell of wee and poo, hearing my friends howling and whining, my eyes hurting. In the cage next to me, some other foxes ate their siblings. It must be difficult for you to read this, but my life has been pure cruelty.

You! You who did care, you who heard and read about me, showing interest in my fate. 
You who tried so many things to persuade the CEO of Burberry, Christopher Bailey, to just take a few moments to reflect .. to think about me in my situation .. to convince him to just make one single decision – one decision which could make all the difference for me and thousands of my friends – the decision to make Burberry fur free …
You gave me hope. Hope that Burberry and other companies like them will stop abusing us!


But obviously there are many people out there who still buy products using our fur. The pelts of millions of animals worldwide. Why can’t they just stop? Do they still not know, not think about what they buy?

They’re here … Yes, now they’re here.

I just wish I’d had a chance to enjoy my life, but I didn’t. While writing these lines – nervous but still with hope – I know that soon, when they come closer, I will hear my friends howling and screaming. Loud, fierce shrieks. I understand that my end is near.
I know that soon I will panic and scream. I don’t understand all those who ignored my existence … because I just don’t understand WHY I must die to satisfy the needless desires of the fashion industry.
And while I am still writing these final lines, thinking about all of you who will read this, who dedicated time and energy, heart and soul in trying to make me heard, I have one remaining wish:

I wish that this brutal torture millions like me are facing every year stops. Stops once and for all.

Don’t forget me and my story. Tell everyone you know about it to make my wish come true.

With love to those who care
With hope for those who don’t want to change



Update, 2014-10-28

Official statement of FOUR PAWS about #savekimi campaign

We receive hundreds of inquiries about the status quo of our #savekimi campaign daily. Read our official statement stating whether Burberry has already responded to our demands and our offer to redeem Kimi and his friends. 


Read FOUR PAWS' official statement now!

Update, 2014-10-25

#savekimi protest in front of Burberry in London

#savekimi supporters and FOUR PAWS employees have met in front of Burberry's in Covent Garden, London, to show their support with the white fox Kimi and all his fellow animals being killed for fashion. Watch the video about our protest now:

Update, 2014-10-24


Watch the latest video about our #savekimi campaign! Kimi's future is more uncertain than the future of other children!

Update, 2014-10-22

#savekimi: Animal lovers want to buy Kimi

Kimi, a real fox and face of FOUR PAWS' new anti-fur campaign #savekimi, is moving people. The public’s concern is generating strong reactions, particularly in social media. Meanwhile, supporters of Kimi are sending a powerful message by offering to pay Burberry for Kimi’s freedom. To this end, FOUR PAWS has set up a trust fund to coordinate the reactions of the angered #savekimi-community.



Plesae help us #savekimi:

Increasing support on the FOUR PAWS #savekimi campaign. More and more people want to see Kimi go free.

#savekimi boom on the internet

Almost 25,000 Facebook users are now following the young white fox’s diary about the cruel treatment and horrendous conditions he experiences day-to-day on a fur farm in Finland. More than 150,000 protest emails have already been sent to the British clothing label Burberry, which sources fox fur from farms in Finland, and thus bears the responsibility for killing Kimi and his fellow foxes. The public concerns has even caused a stir on the official Burberry fanpage on facebook. Thomas Pietsch, FOUR PAWS campaigns coordinator is overwhelmed by the public support on #savekimi: “The public reaction has been just great. We’re supporting this private initiative by operating as a contact point, and by offering the collected donations to Burberry – to buy Kimi and the other foxes. We’re making them an offer they can’t refuse, as Kimi alive will bring them more profit than they’ll make from the fur collar they want to make out of him.”

FOUR PAWS will provide a new home for Kimi

If Burberry consents to it, FOUR PAWS will provide a new, species-appropriate home for the foxes.

No donations for FOUR PAWS

FOUR PAWS wishes to make clear that donations are not for the organisation, and that if Burberry rejects the offer, FOUR PAWS will refund all payments to Kimi’s supporters individually.


Plesae help us #savekimi:

Update, 2014-10-16

Burberry’s Reaction on #savekimi

FOUR PAWS informed Burberry at the beginning of the #savekimi campaign about the animal welfare abuses and cruelty taking place on Finnish fur farms. We also informed them about Kimi’s fate, offering to have a conversation with Burberry’s Managing Director.


We now have Burberry’s reply: The fashion label clearly states that they will not stop using fur. They are also not interested in discussing the matter with FOUR PAWS. As such, Burberry accepts the death of Kimi and remains jointly responsible for the deaths of thousands of fur animals this autumn.


This answer is unacceptable to us! Help FOUR PAWS  to give Kimi and his kind a voice:



Download Kimi as facebook profile banner

Download Kimi as facebook profile picture


Below you find the original correspondence between FOUR PAWS and Burberry:


First Letter FOUR PAWS

Burberry's Reaction

Second Letter FOUR PAWS 



Update, 2014-10-13

Download #savekimi mask now!

On October 9, silent protest rallies over Kimi’s fate took place in London, Zurich, Hamburg and Vienna. Activists and FOUR PAWS employees have shown their support with Kimi and the millions of animals killed for fur! Now it's your turn! 


Show your support with fox Kimi by downloading the #savekimi mask! Take a selfie and share it with #savekimi on facebook, instagram and twitter!


Help us give Kimi and the millions of foxes, racoons and all other animals killed for fur a face in the public! 


Download #savekimi mask now!


Update, 2014-10-10

Kimi will die

Kimi, the fox, has not much time left. In a couple of weeks slaughtering season is going to start! The so-called "fur harvest" will end Kimi's miserable life in a brutal way! 


Until then, Kimi is sharing his daily diary with the world outside his cage! Follow his story and spread the news on Facebook and Instagram! 


Follow Kimi on Instagram:

Follow Kimi on Facebook: 


Update, 2014-10-06


As a company still using fur, Burberry finds itself the target of FOUR PAWS, who want to - fittingly enough - grab Burberry by their fur collar. Therefore, FOUR PAWS is being assisted by an adorable little white fox cub named Kimi. The white fox will tell his very own story via Facebook and Instagram, hoping for many people to follow his diary.


Kimi tells his very own diary on facebook & Instagram

On his own Facebook page, Kimi gives us a glimpse of his day-to-day life. In an innocent, child-like tone, he describes the life he and his fellow foxes lead. Thomas Pietsch: “Kimi is the beating heart of our campaign. He represents the 100 million animals killed for fashion every year around the world. The little fox lets us put a face to the living being in the fur collar.”

Help to #savekimi

On and, Kimi posts photos and videos of his life on the farm, tells about his and his neighbours’ experiences, clears up a few things about “fair fur animal husbandry”, and confronts humans with the uncomfortable question “Why?”


Help give Kimi a loud voice:



What you can do to #savekimi

photos and videos of his life on the farm, tells about his and his neighbours’ experiences, clears up a few things about “fair fur animal husbandry”, and confronts humans with the uncomfortable question “Why?”


Help give Kimi a loud voice:



Download Kimi as facebook profile banner

Download Kimi as facebook profile picture