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Real or artificial fur?



Today’s artificial fur is generally of extremely good quality. In addition to this, real fur is often so shorn and coloured for its use in fashion that real and artificial furs can hardly be told apart. Especially with fur trimming, there is seldom a declaration about what type of fur is used. There are a few tricks however that can be used to differentiate between real and artificial fur.

The underwool test

Pull the top portion of the hair on the fur somewhat apart and take a look at what appears underneath. If the fur is long or uncut, sometimes underwool can be detected if it is real fur. This underwool is made of very fine, concentrated and fluffy hair, which warms the animal excellently in nature.

The leather test

Real fur is obtained and processed together with leather. Pull the hair carefully apart. You can recognise from the tissue lying under it as to whether it is an artificially woven pattern or material or whether the hair is attached to real leather.


The wind test

Real fur often moves with the lightest of breezes. If you really gently blow above the fur and the hair still moves then you probably have a real fur in front of you.


The smell test

One can differentiate between real and artificial fur by burning a few of the hairs. If you perceive a synthetic smell and the hairs melt to small, hard lumps then it is an artificial fur. However, if the hairs disintegrate and smell like burnt hair, then it is a real fur.