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The Incredible Story of Foxy


© Hristo Vladev / FOUR PAWS

The chances of someone  from Varna adopting  a stray dog from Vidin might seem very slim given the distance between the two cities, but that is exactly what happened when an animal-loving couple from Varna became attached to a local stray dog during a visit to Vidin.


It all started around one month ago, when FOUR PAWS Bulgaria received the following e-mail:

 “Hello! My boyfriend and I were in Vidin yesterday. We were at Baba Vida fortress and there was a little stray dog wandering around with a blue tag on his ear that said “FOUR PAWS”. During the whole visit he was following us and was very playful and friendly. We wanted to take him, but it was not possible because we are from Varna and live in Sofia and we did not have our own car with us. We  have been considering getting a dog for a while, but this particular dog really took our breath away and we decided that it is best to take care of a stray dog instead of buying one from the pet store. We took a lot of pictures of him. We live in Sofia and we are not able to take him. We will be very grateful if you could help us by bringing him to Sofia. Thank you in advance! Have a nice day! J”


As luck would have it, exactly one week after receiving the e-mail we started our neutering project in Vidin!  We asked them to send us some photos and when we arrived in Vidin everyone from the team immediately started to look and ask around for the little dog. We had no luck during the first few days, but many local people told us that they had seen the dog, which we called Foxy.


Then, on a Saturday towards the end of March, two of our colleagues finally happened to find her. Or more precisely she found them, while wandering through the city center. The number on her ear tag made it clear that she was neutered during our previous project in Vidin in November, 2014. However, as soon as Foxy was with our team, a new problem presented itself - she was panicking and squealing every time someone touched or lifted her.


We contacted the couple that had written us about Foxy and informed them about the good and the bad news. We were really afraid that they might change their mind about adopting Foxy. Their firm response was: "We are taking Foxy and will work together until she overcomes her fears."


During the next two weeks Foxy was under the care of the FOUR PAWS team. She was dewormed and vaccinated. Our clinical worker Annie, who is also a dog-trainer, started working with Foxy, suggesting that she had most probably been beaten by people in the past or attacked by other dogs. Soon Foxy realized that being touched or lifted  is not necessarily connected with pain or fear, and she learned to walk on a leash. During this preparation period, FOUR PAWS kept in regular contact with the couple that  were ready to continue working with her until she was completely social and had overcome her fears. 


And there we are, the day came when our team came back from Vidin and Foxy met her adopters. The young, smiling couple, originally  from Varna but now living  in Sofia,  couldn’t believe that after all this time they are finally together with Foxy and were very grateful to FOUR PAWS for the help. We are also grateful to them that they didn’t change their minds even after considerable setbacks. Foxy will now travel again, but this time to Varna where her permanent home will be.

2015_04_14_foxy_01.jpg 2015_04_14_foxy_02.jpg 2015_04_14_foxy_04.jpg 2015_04_14_foxy_05.jpg